The Importance of Not Losing Yourself in Motherhood

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Motherhood Struggles

It is so easy and inevitable to forget yourself in motherhood. Especially, when you are a mother in business, it is very important to not lose yourself in motherhood and to lose your identity.

Often, mothers are mistaken that motherhood is just about their children. They fail to realise that motherhood is about them too and that they matter. It's just as much about them as it is about their children.

So, why do mothers in business forget themselves?

This is my question to all mothers in business: Where are you?

  • Prioritize Yourself:

Remember, you always come first. I’m sorry to break your beliefs that your children come first. No, they don’t.

Your business or your children depend on you. Once you start to put yourself in the end or on the bottom of the To Do List, your children and business will be the first ones to suffer. Your mental wellbeing, physical health, emotional satisfaction is essential.

As mothers, we need to take out time for ourselves first. We can raise our children well only if we are well.

  • Tips on Not Losing Yourself as a Mother in Business:

If you lose yourself in motherhood, you will may not be able to look after your child or business as effectively as you would like.

The following are some tips that will help you in not losing yourself in motherhood.

1. Take Time Out for Yourself:

You might be surprised to read this: your world should not solely revolve around your children, remember that before you had children you too had a life.

Even many studies and statistics have shown that the amount of time you spend with your children is not as important. What’s important then is the quality of time you spend with them.

You need to take care of yourself too. Instead of just going shopping when your child nappies run out or there is no formula milk left in the house, go shopping for yourself too.

Indulge in activities that you loved doing before you became a mother in business and stopped doing once you got busy.

2. Make Time for your Hobbies

Most mothers think that they must bid goodbye to their hobbies as soon as they step into the realm of motherhood.

You are a full-time mother!

You are working from home!

You are a homemaker!

Who has got time for hobbies and activities, right?

Setting aside some time for your hobbies can help you keep your identity.

So, go swimming when you want. Spend money on the book you want to read. Make time for things that you do only for yourself.

The more you invest time in yourself, the more self-confident you will feel.

3. Sleep Well

Make sure that you are sleeping well. Mothers who compromise on their sleep for the sake of their children and their work, do the biggest injustice to themselves.

If your newborn kept you awake at night, make sure that you sleep during the day. Ignoring sleep is the biggest mistake you can ever make.

Your lack of sleep can adversely affect your child as well as your business. If you think that a cup of coffee is the cure, you’re wrong. Lack of sleep can have negative effects on your mental health by making you prone to emotional issues, depression, low self-esteem, and many disorders. It can also leave you prone to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and a host of other health problems.

4. Positive Thinking

Make sure that you don’t lose yourself in the race of comparing yourself to the next-door neighbour or people within your network. Be the best mother you can be instead of comparing yourself to everyone else.

When every mum out there is posting how incredibly she is raising her children, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Stay positive and think about your own journey and how far you have come.

Spend your time with people who encourage you and support you. The road of motherhood is a long one, and when you are also a mother in business, it is easy to get lonely. It is easy to lose yourself.

So, to all mothers in business, I say again. It is very important to not lose yourself in motherhood. Let yourself shine through the challenges of life.

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