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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Mums in Business | Dealing with Loneliness

First of all motherhood itself can feel very isolating, and when you add the challenges of home-based business to it, the loneliness spectrum just broadens.

Secondly, it is not easy to understand. It may be incomprehensible for most people but sadly, even the mums in business fail to identify the feeling. It is ironic that you feel lonely when you aren’t alone.

Dear Mums,

Business Loneliness is REAL! And, you are not alone!

Business loneliness is very common among people irrespective of gender and age. And, one of the biggest reasons for this is that entrepreneurs are always juggling between work and home.

Add the challenges of motherhood, and the hardships of entrepreneurship to the equation, and you’ve got yourself a pretty lonely mum.

Today, when we are opening up more about mental health, it saddens me that talking about the loneliness of a mother in business is still a taboo.

The society has accepted this as a pre-approved notion that a mother can get fulfilment solely from being a mother. Moreover, if there is still the question of finances, or not being able to do anything, your business is supposed to answer that.

What’s the problem then? Why are you complaining?

Well, we are not! We are not complaining. We are identifying the emotional and social impact of our physical exertion, and financial excursion. Because we know that to deal with a problem, the first step is to identify it, accept it and share it.

Now that you have identified it, let’s talk about managing loneliness for mothers in business. To deal with the loneliness, you need to make some serious changes in prioritising things and organising your lifestyle. Let's take a look at some ways that assisted my fellow female entrepreneurs to get a hold of their loneliness as mums in business.

1. Give your Lifestyle a Makeover:

As a stay-at-home mum, when we start working, we don’t have a plan. I am not talking about business plans. I am talking about our daily routines. Somehow, every chore, every family emergency, or a child’s ‘thing’, falls on the business mum’s plate.

It is easy for people around you, and even for you to assume that you will somehow manage it. And before you realise, you are working non-stop. In juggling between family and work, you lose yourself.

I know it’s easy to make routines, but not easy to stick with them. You make a plan, make hundred more arrangements to make that plan work, and then all of a sudden something comes up, and everything goes gaga again.

But that’s the only thing that’s going to work. Specify hours, and make a promise to not work when its family time, or your time, and vice versa.

Difficult, I know! Likely to blow up in a few days, I know!

But keep working on it. Set limits for the people around you. Make others see that what you do even when you are staying at home, should be valued.

2. Detox the Toxicity from your Life:

Do you know what makes a business mother's life miserable?

Its other mums-new or old- with their judging goggles, and cunning comments.

There is a strange perplexity related to this that surprises me as I see mothers uplifting and supporting fellow mothers, and mothers discouraging and demeaning other mothers.

No matter how strong we are, cruel words have a deep impact on us.

As a grown woman, you have already got your hands full, so get rid of the toxic people in your life.

3. Join a Community & Start Networking:

This is the most important part. Unlike regular mums going to the office, if you are a solo-entrepreneur or a virtual boss, you miss the chance to interact humanly. Moreover, joining a community of like-minded people will help you feel connected, and you will be able to combat the business loneliness in your life.

Try to find mums in business like you, so you can join them and share the journey of your juggling.

4. Get Help:

If you feel nothing is helping, get help. There is no shame in not asking for help. We teach our children that every day. It is time that we relearn the pre-school lesson, and start naming our feelings, and sharing them with a friend!

Final Word:

Managing business loneliness as a mother is not easy. If you are here and reading about it, Congratulations, as you have identified the feeling and are a step closer to handle it. We hope this article will help you in learning something, and especially in realising that you are not alone.

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