Improving Low Self-Esteem in Stay-at-Home Mothers

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

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Improving your self-esteem is very important to regain your self-confidence and take your first steps towards a journey of success.

As a mother, we often temporarily lose a lot of things including our self-confidence and self-esteem.Now, you may think they are both the same things but they are not.

Your self-confidence is how you judge your abilities and carry-out a presentation.

Your self-esteem is how you value yourself.

What you think about yourself marks your self-worth and self-esteem.

Where does low self-esteem come from?

We all have situations in life where we judge ourselves and feel bad about ourselves. Based on those judgments and negative life experiences we create negative thoughts about ourselves.

“I am worthless”

“I deserved this”

“I am unattractive”

“I am unlovable.”

With motherhood, comes big responsibility. Sadly, social pressure to be the 'best mum' adds unnecessary burden to this sense of responsibility.

Think of all these responsibilities, expectations, pressures and judgments piling up on your shoulder, and you get yourself a mother with very low self-esteem.

In stay-at-home mothers, low self-esteem comes from:

Your fears

Your anxiety

Your depression

Your constant sense of responsibility

Your constant fear of failing

Your habit of outing yourself in the end

Improving your Self-esteem—Is it Possible?

I know there is no easy way of improving your self-esteem. It is like learning a new language. You have to give it time, understand it, adopt it and incorporate it into your everyday life until it becomes an integral and engrained part of your personality.

For a working mum or a mumpreneur, you have a constant feeling of guilt that somehow what you do will affect your children’s life. Well, it won’t. If you are a working mum, your children will end up just fine. There is no way your work or your business will affect their lives in a bad way. You just have to find a routine that works for you, and you are good to grow!

Ways for Improving your Self-Esteem:

Remember the time when you felt confident and in control. You had a belief in yourself, you valued yourself and knew you deserved the best in life.

But the challenges of motherhood and life’s unexpected obligations, situations, and problems made you feel incapable.

Now how will you pull back yourself? How will you improve your self-esteem?

Perhaps you only wish for it, but darling you need to work on yourself to boost your self-esteem.

As I said, it's like learning a new language. Coach yourself, take help when you need it and get that lost self-esteem back.

Some helpful exercises and tested tips can play a very important part in improving your self-esteem:

Put a Towel on that Poisonous Parrot:

Most of us have this imaginary parrot, sitting on our shoulder and reciting all the things that come in its tiny bird-brain. It speaks without any knowledge, understanding or insight. This bird is precisely trained to continuously comment on your life and you.

“You’re always this bad”

“You just can’t do things right”

“You are not good enough”

“Are you sure you can do this?”

“Wow, another mess!”

You need to SHUT these poisonous parrot thoughts DOWN! For improving your self-esteem, put a towel on it to stop those negative voices.

Replace it with a nightingale that tells you:

“Oh, come on. It’s not bad.”

“You can do it and you know it.”

“So what you made a mistake, you are the most capable person to fix it.”

“You are amazing and you are good enough"

“Wow! How do you do this much every day!”

Be Kind to Yourself:

Be compassionate to yourself in times of being self-critical. Think about yourself, what you like and how you would like to be addressed in difficult situations. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your friends.

Take care of yourself. Eat healthy food. Do some exercise and go for walks.

This way you will send a strong and powerful message to your mind that you’re worthy of being loved, cared and valued for. Prioritising yourself is very important for improving your self-esteem.

Do What You’re Good At: Find and engage in things you know you’re good at. We are all good at something. By doing such activities you can experience success.

Celebrate all achievements, big or small.

Allow yourself to add consistency and stability by experiencing success on a consistent foundation. This will help you in dealing with life’s challenges and hiccups with positivity and easiness.

Build Your Support by Positive Relationships: Spend less time with people who put you down and criticise you in a negative way.

Even when you believe you can handle them, these things stay with us on a subconscious level. They alter the way we perceive ourselves and reduce our value in our own minds.

Call and connect with people who appreciate you and bring positivity to your life. Bound yourself in areas where you can draw strength. For improving your self-esteem, be assertive.

When you are being respectful to other’s needs and opinions, let them know you expect and rightfully deserve to get the same in return.

Make a positive relationship with yourself. Accept yourself and be yourself.

Try to be Mindful and Live in the Present: Confront your thoughts. If the current situation is difficult and negative, try to replace your thoughts with something positive.

Being mindful and focusing on the present will help you feel better. It will also help you to deal with a situation with simplicity.

Final Words:

Improving your self-esteem is very important for your work and your life. For stay at home mothers, working mothers, or working from home mothers, the attitudes of the society and the people around them result in low self-esteem. Replace the negativity with positivity. Coach yourself or take professional help. But don’t let low self-esteem stop you from achieving your goals.

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