How to Feel Good Inside and Out as a Working Mom

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

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Dear Mothers in Business, I know that motherhood is not easy. Juggling motherhood and business can be quite a challenge. The good news is that I know the one of the secrets that can help you through it.

If I were to indulge the secret in one line, I would say:

Look good, think good, feel good.

You cannot compromise on the above in any dimension.

So, let’s look at this in actionable steps that will help you, your children, and your business.

1. Look Good

After nine months of wearing loose t-shirts, your wardrobe might not have any ‘pre pregnancy’ clothes available. So, go out for shopping. Indulge in yourself or if your feeling creative create and make your own clothes.

Many mothers think that shopping for themselves is a waste of money. However, if it makes you feel good, it’s the best waste of money.

Book an appointment at the salon. There’s no harm in taking care of yourself. It will boost your self-confidence and make you look great!

Confident mothers inspire their children with confidence. Be confident and acknowledge and honour your ‘Me’ time and work on allocating time for yourself and recharging your energy wherever you can.

2. Think Good

Your thoughts can make you and they can also break you, so be careful what you allow your mind to conceive. Different patterns of thinking in the same situation can make a huge difference. You may of heard a famous quote by John Milton:

"The mind is its place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."

Instead of being frustrated about everything or small little things, appraise it positively, see how you can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

The traditional notion that a woman should be happy during pregnancy is true. However, it doesn’t stop there. Happiness should be a state of mind pre, during and post pregnancy.

You are one of the very first agents of socialisation for your children. So, you must leave a good impact on them.

Your children will mirror your emotions. So, if you easily get upset by small things, your children will too. So, you must think good for the sake of yourself as well as your children.

3. Feel Good

The best advice I would give any mother is to indulge in things that make her feel good. If you love swimming, you should set aside some time for that. If you love to read, you should take out time for that and so on.

Dedicating time for yourself gives your mind the message that you are worthy of this, you have potential and are willing to grow. By valuing yourself, you can also improve your low self-esteem which many mothers suffer with.

As mothers, we often tend to get strict with our routines. We fall into a trap of perfection. Everything from our cleaning regime to the food needs to be perfect.

The best thing is to go easy on yourself once in a while. It’s alright if you couldn’t clean the house today. Do something you enjoy instead and recharge those batteries.

Final Word:

If you are thinking about why this is relevant, here is the reason; when we start working from home, whether you are a freelancer or mumpreneur, you miss little things like dressing up for work, buying outfits to wear for work, putting make up on and taking care of yourself to be around other people.

Now you can conquer the world in your pyjamas and messy hair buns. But still, I urge you to start doing little things for yourself to look good, think good and feel good.

These small steps helps to boost your self-confidence and help you excel in anything you do.

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