Fear of Success in Mother Entrepreneurs

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Fear of Success | Mother Entrepreneurs - Linda Attram

Today I want to talk about something that I believe is one of the great factors that prevents us from moving forward ‘The Fear of Success in Mothers in Business’.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. "

Marianne Williamson

Ironically, the fear of success is more powerful than the fear of failure.

Fear of success like a perceived, invisible and sneaky thing that makes us fearful of our Own Power. While it is easy to understand the fear of failure, it is much harder to define the fear of success.

As mothers in business we sometimes shy away from the limelight in fear of judgement or failure and focus all our energy on shining the light on our children. Yes, that’s right for us as mothers to shine the light on our children and their success but as mothers we should be the beacon for that light to follow. Fear of Success will dim that light you so proudly deserve.

What is the Fear of Success?

The fear of success is a psychological phobia. It emerges from a person’s perception of success. Success represents different things for different people. For business mothers, fear of success may represent excessive attention from others, rapid judgments, business loneliness, social pressure, family pressure and mother’s guilt.

You need to take steps to eradicate the fear of failure, and the fear of success in order to take your steps towards achievement.

When I read success stories of people from around the world, what inspires me the most is their journey. I love to learn about mothers who successfully defeated the daunting fear of success and continued with determination.

3 Ways to Fight the Fear of Success:

The fear of success exists on a very subconscious level. It means that we are not fully aware of its existence. The first step will be to identify it. Addressing your fears will help you in overcoming them down the road.

Let me share some practical tips that I have come across:

Revive your Belief in Yourself:

Our low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and our self-doubt let the fear of success emerge and get stronger within us.

Remember everything is capable of change. Even our negative core beliefs!

Challenge those strong doubts that you have been harbouring deep down.

Modify your beliefs about yourself. Spend time in learning what you are good at. Shut off such thoughts like, “I am not good enough”, “this cannot be done”, “this is not my way of work”, or “that is out of my skill range.”

Be a believer and try creative ways of doing things.

Avoid fighting modification when it is required, instead embrace it and do not let the fear of success manifest your justification towards it. Believe that you can learn and do better.

Evaluate your Fear:

Concentrate on what you really want and figure out what stops you from getting it.

When you find yourself in doubt, ask questions to yourself. Evaluate your doubt, see where it is leading you.

Ask yourself, “And that means?” or “Will it make me unhappy?"

By doing this, you can help yourself in seeing a clear picture of what is happening with you. You can be creative and think above your limitations.

Look at the Big Picture:

Stop when you have an opportunity and you are saying No to it.

Or the moment you are choosing to not take that first step. Halt!

Freeze the moment. Imagine you are very old and are spending the last days of your life.

Now let the old-you look back at the ‘you’ right now.

Are you regretting not taking that step? Or are you wishing to have at least tried one?

No matter what the fear of success tells you, you will never regret that step you took towards the journey of success. Even when you failed.

Final Thought:

Success is a journey. Don’t let the fear of success keep you from starting that journey. The best way is to not worry about the outcome. Focus on what you have now. Look at what is there right in front of you now. It may still be here tomorrow, but it might not wait too long. Fight the fear of failure, fight the fear of success and start your journey of Fearless Success today!

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