Fear of Failure for a Mother in Business

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Fear of Failure | Working mums | Mothers in Business

Is the Fear of Failure stopping you from becoming a Mother in Business?

Then, you are not alone!

Each time you have a great business plan and are determined to start, the gripping fear of failing stops you. You cannot talk about it. You cannot say it out loud. This fear of failure becomes your dirty daunting dreadful secret that keeps preying on your dreams of excellence and success.

“Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”

Rumi, the Sufi Mystic of the 13th Century, said that and rightly so.

No doubt, it is very common to tend to underestimate our inner potential, especially, as a stay at home mum. When people think there is nothing more to you than being a stay at home mum. Compared to men in business, the world has a different set of rules to judge mothers in business.

Dear Mothers in Business,

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from starting your venture, continuing your journey, and reaching your destination.


- Yes, the fear of something unpleasant that might happen in the future.

- The fear of the unknown.

- The fear of being unsuccessful in a business venture that you haven’t started yet.

- The fear of not being able to handle the challenges of your new business venture.

- These are the fears that have stopped us, and to this day, daunt us. But the sooner you find strategies to manage it, the sooner you will start your way towards a peaceful life as a mother, and a productive life as a business woman.

First of all, let me tell you that all of this is normal.

We are human beings and our minds are trained that way. We fear everything that’s new. Remember all the moments when you did something for the first time! Do you recall that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Call it anxiety, nervousness or fear. It’s normal. Let us first begin by accepting and acknowledging our fears.

Now, ladies, let me share a secret of my life with you. I always used to ruin the most exciting moments of my life just because of one reason: Fear. Fear of whatever can go wrong!

In every situation, I would imagine the worst that could ever happen. I would torment myself with my own imagination. Luckily though, those things never manifested in reality. So, gradually I learned one thing that fear of failure is worse than failure itself. The only moment that we got to care about is NOW!

Remember, your mind has tremendous creative power. Your imagination is so vast and powerful. It has the ability to make you happy.

You see, Rumi was right, you are the Universe in ecstatic motion! Dear Mothers in Business, with all the love in my heart, I want to tell you that you are bigger than your fears are. Just take one step at a time. Do not think too much about what might and what might not happen. Treat yourself with utmost compassion like you would treat your child who is beginning to take his first steps.

- Accept your fear!

- Embrace it!

- Fight it!

- Frighten it away!

- Yes, you can!

- You are strong and YOU ARE ENOUGH!

And start preparing yourself for the new venture of your life. Gather all the necessary information about your business. When you equip yourself with a strong plan and have an understanding of future challenges, you will be better prepared for any situation. Preparation and planning then become a crucial step to promote the feeling of confidence and increase your future productivity.

Get in touch with other working mothers. Learn about their experiences, and learn about their challenges. Ask them about their fears, share their stories of the utmost downtimes, and find out what helped them to continue. Add this useful ignition as you gear up to fight the fears upfront, and rise.

Identify your risks and do all the calculations. In times of distress think what’s the worst that can happen. Devise a back-up plan for the worst-case scenario you can imagine.

I have seen and learnt that it is better preparation that calms us down. Our fears start settling when we feed ourselves with the information that we are prepared, we are ready, and we are enough.

My Dear Mothers in Business, let me tell you one more time, “You aren’t alone.” Every mother who is a successful entrepreneur today has faced the fear of failure many times in her journey. So, LISTEN when I say this, there is no fear mightier than your courage. Look the fear in the eye, defeat it, and behead it while it is on its knees, and rise like a phoenix who is ready to rule.

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