Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Business Ideas for stay at home mums with Linda Attram

'Mum economy’ is thriving in the UK and according to an estimate, by 2025, mum entrepreneurs will be generating £9.5bn for the UK. If you chose to stay at home for your children, it doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot be a successful working mother. While it may be full of challenges, but there is no challenge that can stand in the way of our courage.

If you need some creativity and productivity in your life at home, or if you are looking for a second income to support your funds, entrepreneurship is perfect for you.

And the good news is, you don't need a lot of money to start. There are businesses that stay at home mums can start without a lot of funds.

In this article, I have shared some ideas that can help you start a new venture in your life. Your inner proclivity matters the most in determining your success in any business endeavor. So, before choosing your field, ask yourself. Maybe you will get a way to do something you always wanted to do while staying at home.

1. Freelance Your Skills & Expertise:

You may have heard of Freelancing a thousand times. There are many online websites that provide a safe platform to start. You can sell any services from graphic designing to architecture, article or blog writing to E-book writing, and making videos to doing voice-overs. Depending on which platforms you use, there are certain levels that will determine your seniority, and allow you to earn more with time.

You can also be a virtual assistant or do taxes, and data analysis. There are hundreds of categories that you can choose from. Depending on what skills you have, you can offer from basic to professional services and earn handsomely while staying at home with your children.


There are a lot of options to choose from.

You can work on your own schedule, and choose the volume of work that you can easily balance.

Think like an entrepreneur, and instead of selling as a person, sell as a company. Collaborate with millions of people online, and manage and moderate the orders.


The money may not be too much especially in the beginning, you may feel like working a lot and getting much lesser value for your money.

2. Party Planner or Food Supplier for Birthdays or other small Parties:

If you are good at party planning, you can offer your services professionally. Thanks to the ongoing trend of themed parties, you can find a lot of clients. Use your mum group to help you find clients. Start with birthday parties, and build your way up to weddings.

You can also be a food supplier for small occasions or parties. This is again very simple and as easy as taking orders and supplying the right food at the right time. As you grow the business, you can start catering professionally.


It can be easy to get clients through social media, and your friend networks.


Little start-up investment is required.

3. Career Consultancy & Life Coaching:

Got amazing leadership qualities, well, use them.

If you have a good knowledge of the different opportunities available for students, you can start a career consultancy service. This job requires compassion and understanding. There are students who are unable to decide what they ought to make up with their lives. So, you might assist students and their parents in working out future education or career plans.

You can also teach courses online. Once you start, all you need is a lesson plan. Make videos, and sell the courses online. You can offer a month’s virtual mentorship with the course for extra charges. A lot of people are looking for directions, or are trying to learn skills. If you have an education and skills that can help others, teach them and earn money while doing it.


This can be done online.

It doesn’t require much investment.

You can use online tools to make videos.


It may take some time to build a reputation, and get more orders.

4. Sell your Craft:

If you are crafty, you can make and sell things online. Whether you are good at making hair bows or design unique shirts you can sell everything online. Sale your wall art, your knitting, and anything that you can think of. Thanks to Etsy, and online stores, there is a big trend of buying handmade stuff. All you need is a unique idea and a good marketing plan.


You can make anything that you love making.

It is a great satisfaction for your inner artist to get appreciation.


You may need a little start-up budget.

5. Fitness and Yoga Coaching:

If you are a fitness or yoga expert, you can just begin with a small set-up at home for providing coaching to women in your locality. This is very easy and comes with no start-up costs.

You can also start coaching in a park after checking with the administration of your community. Think like stay at home mums who are in desperate need of human connection. Start a program that allows them to bring little children with them. Stroll with a stroller, or do extensive boot-camp for ladies in the surroundings.


Use online sign-ups, and start a website to plan classes.

Children can also join you.


Getting people to join may take some time.

Little investment may be required.

Dear Mums in Business, you can do anything. All you need to do is to say it out loud and believe that you can, and you are enough. I hope these ideas will give you stay at home mums something to brainstorm. Just remember never hesitate to take the step, and invest in your skills. Happy Venturing!

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